PMO – Welcome to the Program Management HQ

September 8, 2011 in Blog

Welcome to the PMO HQ.  Here we are going to talk about setting up, running, monitoring, delivering and closing programs.  It will be a mixture of Case Studies, step by step instructions and also frame works that you can use right away. 

The 1995 Standish Group Chaos Report states that 90% of projects do not meet schedule, cost and quality targets. Only 9% of large, 16% of medium and 28% of small company projects were completed on time, within budget and delivered measurable business and stakeholder benefits. 

There are many reasons for such failures. As per a KPMG survey of 252 organizations, technology is not the most critical factor. Inadequate project management implementation constitutes 32% of project failures, lack of communication constitutes 20% and unfamiliarity with scope and complexity constitutes 17%. Accordingly 69% of project failures are due to lack and/or improper implementation of project management methodologies

  We are going to make sure that you and your programs are the exception.  Project and Program management is part science and part art.  We will work through the different tools that new and existing project/program managers can use to be successful.